Les Mills comments on last JASSA podcast

If you follow everything I post you will notice on the podcast update post I have JASSA as one of my favorites. And, on the The JASSA Podcast, Episode 157 @ 39:20 they discussed an email about Les Mills group fitness classes. So, I figured I would comment.

Basically, I agree with them. As someone who teaches group fitness I will see people with bad form and it drives me crazy. I think this is worse at big gyms that have a high participant to instructor ratio. Luckily I can say we don't have huge ratios like that. The best ratio is in GRIT where our gym caps the class size.

Now a bit of a rebuttal... Our job as instructors is to review safety in each class. That is drilled into us at training and although I hate repeating myself we need to stress it anytime we see poor form. If we continue to see it we need to touch base with the participant before the next class. Our gym does have technique classes but to address Jason's point it is not usually enough and it is not mandatory for on-boarding.

There you go, I still feel good about it since I know our gym works hard to address Jason's comments and frankly he should be calling some of us out. I have seen what he is talking about and to some of his other comment about gyms and income, we don't turn away a participant that doesn't listen even if we should.