Review: OneLive Chicago 2015

Well, this will turn into more than one post I'm guessing. I had a blast, so let's hit OneLive overall first. If I only had one phrase: Non-stop high energy. It went from 7am till 7pm with the new release (really only a few days before we get them in the US) and educational sessions. This year they had bracelets for everything and a newer VIP option. We had some VIP'ers in our group so we got to use them and although not everyone thought it was worth it, I would do it again.

It's very well put together and had a great presenter lineup. Everything went like clockwork and I was able to do everything I wanted to do. That said, I wish I would have had more time. Of course there are the classes (details bellow) but the gems are in the Education sessions. Reebok is both good and bad, they had an amazing setup but you can tell the presenters are required to wear the clothing and gear. Also, photos were somewhat limited to areas with Reebok backdrops and they limited personal devices. That said they didn't charge for the pics, they just made sure it was 'branded' Reebok/LesMills. Finally, they had an After Party that rivaled a Chicago club.

New Pump is amazing, I like the direction that program is going
CX (my program) has great new moves [post coming since I got to try the new band]
Sh'bam is always fun but I just can't move like that [Rachel couldn't find her hat and a guy in the front row threw his on stage so she had him come up for the song. Such an amazing stage presence, I have a crush on her]
RPM, not going to lie - I didn't gear up
Combat stepped it back up in my mind, I won't say I haven't liked the recent releases but they haven't inspired me. This one made me want to launch with them again.

I didn't take Step, Attack, Jam, Vive or Flow - wow now that I have written that out I feel like a slacker. I did peek my head in at a few but I don't think that counts. The only one I really missed taking was Flow but I wanted to shower before Combat. Yes, I showered just to get more sweaty but a person can only take so much.

In Combat people flooded the VIP area (not really their fault, but still annoying)
App didn't pull in my schedule - overall really buggy
Opening reception didn't have food [wouldn't have bothered me but I went straight from AIM assuming they would have it since it was listed]

What were your thoughts?