Review: SmartBand

Overview: Can't wait to try, I'm pushing for the gym to buy these.

I was lucky enough to get to use one of the SmartBands at OneLive2015 (see my review) in Chicago.  

Per the advertisements they should last longer and will not lose resistance. I found they had a more consistent tension from one end to the other of the wood chops, which was great. While using them I felt they were great quality, so although it is around double the cost of the traditional tube I feel these would last longer and it would be a wash. 

The flat band did prevent the tube rolling out when doing exercises that require you to secure the band under your foot.  

The handle also flattens, I can see how that would make it easier to step on them but I personally didn't care about that, but the one I used was a prototype so we will see. Dan also said the final product will have a more fabric between the tube and the handle to allow you to hold on the sides better for certain exercises and to get your shoe through that loop more easily.

COST: Word on the street is they will be about $25 (to be confirmed)

Head over to Les Mills to see the coming soon video