LesMills AIM2

To make sure you know where I'm coming from, I have completed AIM1 (Advanced Instructor Module) for both CX and Combat. That said, AIM2 is a bit different. I feel like AIM1 is more about your program and really nailing it. AIM2 training is more about that last 10% that will set you apart.

Conclusion: I would recommend AIM2 to any instructor

My takeaways, so you know what to expect:
2 FULL days (about 10 hours each) - bring a lot of changes of clothing.
Barriers - Lets face it, if your going to AIM2 you're in the top 10%, to get better you have to drop what you think and have an open mind.
Advanced Scripting - this layers on top of AIM1 and I think I got the most out of that.
Living the values - Some might call it drinking the Kool-Aid but you have to be impressed with the mission.
Pause, look, SEE and respond - My hardest section because I talk too much, basically the next level of connection.
Mind Map - quick section we all but skipped. Nothing new that isn't on the Wikipedia page (personally not a huge fan).
Authenticity and contrast - pretty big section on everything from personalities to teaching styles, this was by far my favorite section and it drove home some points on how I inadvertently drive away a type of person. What most impressed me was how they talked about not changing who you are but varying some of the things you say to have a more balanced approach.

There you have it, feel free to ask me questions.