Smart Band Update

We only have access to Red SmartBands but I have been using it for a while now so time for an update.
Bottom line: Still haven't rolled them out in the gym.

Overall I still like them and think they can replace green/red for CX (the Orange/Grey LMI) but not blue/black just as they market them so I agree.

The Nitty Gritty
I can admit I was locked in the head thinking I needed black but after making myself use it more I can eat a little crow and say it wasn't as bad. I found they had a more consistent tension from one end to the other which was great. On the same point the process of stretching the band (like in a track 4) actually had a bigger effect and why red wasn't as bad as I thought. Is there a name for that other than: increase the tension by...?

While using it I felt they were great quality, so although it is around double the cost of the traditional tube I feel these would last longer and it would be a wash long term, not cheaper. I'm not sure about the advertisement that they should last longer so I'm assuming the life wouldn't be much different. I think we will still break them as they age. Oh, pretty sure there is a higher chance they will be lifted from the gym.

If I was to guess [per limited participant use] we would get push-back from people thinking they are 'easier' like I did until they use it a bit. Also, Black isn't coming till Sprint

Price: The price doesn't bother me as much as shipping! Anyone know if they are flexible with mass shipping? It is so out of line for what they are charging! Hope they do a pickup like with the SmartBars as it's currently unreasonable to mass ship for a gym.