Best Pump Abs - Pre100

Most Challenging BODYPUMP Core Tracks BP67 - BP91 thanks to
Top Favorites: (in order of preference)
77 We No Speak Americano plate crunches, side oblique crunches, hovers, hovers w/alt toe/hand tap, around the world
75 More plate crunches, alt leg extensions/oblique twists, alt walking hovers , alt wlkg hand hovers
80 Rolling in the Deep crunches, pulsing crunches, bicycle crunches, hovers, hover frnt & bk, side hovers
84 Whistle crunches, oblique crunches, side hovers, rotating side hovers, alt wlkg hovers
Other Favorites: (in order numerically)
67 B Boy slow mtn. climbers
72 Love, Sex, Magic walking hover
73 S.O.S. crunches, alt leg extensions, rotating planks, hover frnt & bk
74 In My Head alt leg extensions, crunches, hovers, alt walking hovers
76 Cooler Than Me hover work at end
78 Please Don't Go crunches, side oblique crunches, alt oblique crunches, bench hover, hover frnt & bk
79 We'll Be Alright crunches, alt oblique crunches, hovers, side hovers, rotating hovers
81 Mr. Saxobeat crunches, oblique bicycle crunches, side oblique crunches, plank, mtn. climbers
82 Feel So close crunches, oblique bicycle crunches, planks, mountain climbers
83 When We Stand Together crunches, crunch reaches,oblique bicycle crunches, rotating side hovers
85 One More Night alt leg extensions, plate crunches, plate lifts
87 Troublemaker plate crunches, alt leg extensions w/plate crunches, hip bridge
89 La La La crunches, alt single leg ext, alt rotating side hovers, hover
91 Trumpets crunches, alt crunch oblique twists, hovers, side hovers, side hover pulses